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Our brokerage and logistics solutions address regulatory pressures and safety concerns, ensuring secure transport of hazardous liquids and solid chemicals. Backed by the extensive expertise of our team we manage the safe transportation of these substances to their destinations.

Our Team


3Star Transportation’s team is trusted by our clients to ensure the fast, accurate and on-time delivery of goods. We consistently operate with a high level of collaboration and expertise, ensuring every member is aligned with stringent safety and regulatory standards set forth by the chemical transportation industry. By leveraging diverse skill sets and a strong commitment to excellence, we deliver reliable and secure logistics solutions for a wide variety of materials. Our capabilities are ever evolving to meet the specific needs of this changing industry.


As a minority-owner company, we prioritize diversity and inclusion, fostering a workplace where varied perspectives help drive innovation and excellence. Our commitment to diversity not only strengthens our team but also enhances our ability to serve a broad range of clients with unique needs and expectations.

3Star remains dedicated to promoting equity, ensuring all employees have equal opportunities for growth, development, and fair treatment in the workplace.

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3STAR is ready to handle all of your fuel and chemical logistics needs quickly, efficiently, and safely.