3Star Transportation plays a vital role in serving various industries, offering specialized logistics and transportation solutions tailored to the unique needs of each sector.
Oil & Gas


Emergency Response

Chemical Freight Brokerage

Oil & Gas


For the oil and gas sector, 3Star provides reliable and efficient transportation services to ensure a steady supply of petroleum products. From transporting crude oil from production sites to refineries, to delivering refined products like gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel to distribution centers, we offer end-to-end logistics solutions that keep the oil and gas industry running smoothly. Our experienced drivers and advanced fleet allow us to navigate through the challenging terrains and meet the demanding schedules of this dynamic industry.

Upstream – Offloading at well sites

Downstream – Retail gas station


Chemical transportation requires strict adherence to safety regulations to prevent environmental hazards. Specialized equipment and trained personnel are essential to handle the complexities of hazardous materials. Efficient and secure logistics ensure that products reach with designations without compromising safety or compliance standards.

Upstream – Well site chemical transportation

Downstream – Distributing to customers

Emergency Response

During times of crisis, government agencies and emergency responders rely on 3Star to deliver fuels and chemicals promptly and safely. Our extensive experience in handling hazardous materials and our adherence to stringent safety protocols make us the go-to logistics provider for emergency response situations. Whether it’s delivering fuel for generators during power outages or supplying chemicals for disaster cleanup and recovery, 3Star ensures that critical resources reach the frontlines efficiently.

Chemical Freight

3Star Transportation focuses on serving the highly specialized needs of the international chemical market. We provide reliable freight brokerage services trusted by chemical manufactures nationwide. 3Star’s reputation is built on trust and extensive expertise in chemical logistics.

In each of these industries, 3Star Transportation stands out as a trusted partner, offering comprehensive third-party logistics and specialized fuel and chemical transportation services. Our commitment to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction makes us an invaluable asset to the success and operations of our clients in the Oil & Gas, Construction, Emergency Response, and retail gas station sectors.

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